The Mondo Cycles project was born from the fusion of a great passion for cycling at 360° and a skill forged in over 50 year of experience.
Our bicycles are the result of all our long experience, on the saddle ourselves, as in our workshop based in Bologna, Italy.
Today, thanks to collaboration of frame builder who have made the history of the italian bicycle industry, we know we can deliver a product in which the technical solutions, the construction quality and the attention to details are at levels of absolute excellence

Discover our creatures

Walden la pura essenza della mountain bike. Bicicletta artigianale in acciao

Walden bike

Pure quintessence of Mountain-Biking

Pequod bikepacking machine. Bicicletta artigianale in acciao

Bicicletta Pequod

Our bikepacking machine

Mr. Fogg Bicicletta artigianale in acciao

Bicicletta Me Fogg

The perfect balance between performance and comfort